Why is Columbia U. the Best Architecture College?


I was thinking about this yesterday. What makes Columia University so good? So I googled it and I found this website: http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/columbia-university-2707

I found 3 things that make Columbia University so special.

1. Columbia University is surrounded by sky-scrapers. This is like looking for gold in a gold mine. You have plenty of buildings surrounding you that a person could study.

2.  It also has close student-to-faculty interaction with extensive undergraduate research opportunities.

3. It was founded in 1754 so its deeply rooted to the area.

Why do I want to be an Architect?


When I was younger my mom used to always watch HGTV. That means I was forced to watch it of course but, when I started thinking,” Hey this isn’t bad.” I soon got addicted to Property Brothers and Love It or List It. As I got older I realized they do this for a living and I could too. So I looked into it on the internet and found out that their careers are all joined by one thing; Construction and Architecture.

Special Topic


It’s so many Architecture programs that are out these days and it’s kind of depressing. I thought I was thinking of something new and innovative, but it seems that so many other people thought of it before me. I wanted to create a system more powerful than a Playstation 4. That can handle taking the user into a Three-dimensional construction site. In this program you can design every detail of an house. Inside and Out. I got this idea from Minecraft when I used to build gigantic mansions filled with millions of rooms.

If you know anyone that can help me, they can reach me at anardo.miller@gmail.com

Special Topic



Salary of an Architect

“Architects are responsible for designing just about every building we use – from skyscrapers and hotels to courtrooms, libraries and parliaments buildings. Professionals in the field made on average from £29,200 to £34.500 in 2008, and from £43,700 to £47,900 in 2009, according to figures from jobs posted on CareerStructure.com.” This is about  $73376.67 to $80309.14 in U.S. money.

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I want to know all the little pieces to being an architect before I fully commit to it. I think $73,377 a year is pretty good. How much will it make when I’m in the field though.