Denmark election cartoon


I think this video is very Very inappropriate. This is unacceptable that someone would want people to watch this, and even more surprising that they thought people would find it amusing and encourage them to want to vote. This actually makes me wonder what’s going on over in Denmark, that someone would approve of this video. Overall I think its just “outta pocket” as anyone my age would say.


Highschool basketball player taller than Shaq


This guy is 4 inches taller than Shaq. People would die to be in his position and he just thinks of basketball as a way to get his mom and brother into a better place financially. I don’t even think he likes basketball all that much.

Jurassic Park


Scientists are thinking about bringing different species back to life. I think this is very stupid and irresponsible. I think if some species are extinct, they’re extinct for a reason. Why should we alter the world? This could change the food chain permanently if we bring an animal back that hunts another endangered species. Changing the food chain could destroy ecosystems. Are we ready for that? I think this is just going to create problems for us. We should just leave it alone.

Clippers’ Coach.


Kareem Abdul-Jabbar reaction:

KAJ wasn’t surprised by this. He used to work for Sterling and he knows his voice. He was friends.

Magic Johnson’s reaction:

Magic thinks Sterling should step down because this type of attitude should not be allowed in the NBA. He was also close friends with Sterling and they used to hang out together, so he was shocked that he would say something like that.

President Obama’s reaction:

President Obama thinks ignorant people will show their ignorance. This reminds me of a saying my mom used to say all the time. What’s in the dark will always come to the light.


Current Event


I don’t know if you’ve heard about this but, people are sick. People have been putting razors on monkey bars, slides, anywhere in a park just so little kids can hurt themselves. People have been taping them on different things inside of a park just so kids can cut themselves. What is the world coming to?


Current Events


Xbox live is able to be hacked by 5 year olds now! 5 year old Kristoffer got into his dad’s Xbox Live account.

“The boy worked out that entering the wrong password into the log-in screen would bring up a second password verification screen.Kristoffer discovered that if he simply pressed the space bar to fill up the password field, the system would let him in to his dad’s account.”

I think this is absolutely crazy. If a 5 year old can stumble across this problem in Microsoft, imagine what a specially trained person can do on purpose. They might be able to do some real damage to Xbox. I think this brings down Microsoft’s credibility just a bit. Personally it makes me glad I’m #teamsony. I try to make this as unbiased as possible but I think it needs to be addressed from a outside point of view. Xbox users tend to defend Microsoft as much as possible. Will this make you switch to Sony systems?