110 people arrested



These¬†workers were demanding their wage be raised to a minimum of $15 an hour. I think I’m on the workers’ side with this. I do believe their wage should be raised maybe not to $15 an hour but a raise is needed. McDonald’s is a franchise across the world, I think they have a little money to spare for their workers. I know McDonald’s will lose a lot of money but I think its worth considering.


Surface Pro 3



I have a Surface of my own at home and I think it can certainly compete with the iPad. Microsoft’s Surface¬†download (9)Is actually bigger than Apple’s iPad. Its also a hybrid between a tablet and a laptop with the option to snap a keyboard onto the bottom of the Surface. So, you’re probably wondering,” Ok, why don’t we all just get Surface’s.” Well, the App store on Surface is terrible. Apple has hundreds of thousands more Apps that work and function better than Microsoft’s and that has mass appeal to some people. If Microsoft improved this, Apple would have a big BIG problem.

End of the Year


This is the last post you’ll be seeing from me. My semester in this class and my freshman year are coming to an end. I’m going to travel, work, and overall…. have fun this Summer. I’m thinking about going to Virginia and Georgia to visit family. I also want to get a Summer job because its no fun having a Summer without money. Summer is time to chill and enjoy life really, so that’s what I hope to do.summer

Change Schools?


I really want to leave Boys’ Latin. It’s not that bad but, I want better for myself. It’s just like any other public school except it has later hours and a Latin class. You would think since Latin is such a special part of the school they would get a teacher that actually cares about the students learning the language. But no. There is multiple teachers at our school that seem to tired or don’t care enough to actually connect with the students for a better learning experience.

I think I can do better than this and I will continue to try to find somewhere that’s better. I’m looking into

1. Science Leadership Academy

2. Gamp

3. Academy of Palumbo



This Summer should be the greatest ever. I’m finally old enough to do a lot of things I wasn’t allowed to do last year. I’m finally getting the freedom that makes Summer’s fun. I’m so ready for Summer I’m not doing any work. NO MORE WORK. What’s the point? If you failed, you failed. If you passed, you passed. It’s not much you can do at this point to alter your grade drastically.

Denmark election cartoon



I think this video is very Very inappropriate. This is unacceptable that someone would want people to watch this, and even more surprising that they thought people would find it amusing and encourage them to want to vote. This actually makes me wonder what’s going on over in Denmark, that someone would approve of this video. Overall I think its just “outta pocket” as anyone my age would say.