Current Events


Xbox live is able to be hacked by 5 year olds now! 5 year old Kristoffer got into his dad’s Xbox Live account.

“The boy worked out that entering the wrong password into the log-in screen would bring up a second password verification screen.Kristoffer discovered that if he simply pressed the space bar to fill up the password field, the system would let him in to his dad’s account.”

I think this is absolutely crazy. If a 5 year old can stumble across this problem in Microsoft, imagine what a specially trained person can do on purpose. They might be able to do some real damage to Xbox. I think this brings down Microsoft’s credibility just a bit. Personally it makes me glad I’m #teamsony. I try to make this as unbiased as possible but I think it needs to be addressed from a outside point of view. Xbox users tend to defend Microsoft as much as possible. Will this make you switch to Sony systems?




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